Sunday, 16 June 2013


Wow, it's been a while, more than a year since i last posted something. I kind of fell off the planet and into a limbo. To be honest i've been more preoccupied finding a job and trying to figure out what i want to do but in doing so i've slipped up.

I stopped drawing.

It crept up on me and months down the line when i turned around i realised i was afraid to put pencil to paper. In my head i even told myself that i couldn't draw anymore ... it had been too long and all the knowledge and skill had slipped away. I felt like something had been stolen from me... (melodramatic lol)

My job is retail based so no creativity there and what can i say there was other stuff going on too that distracted me from my original intentions of figuring out what strand of arty/animation/design i want to pursue. Before i knew it that part of me that i felt proud of was gone and some of my identity with it.

Anyways, there's the backstory - to the here and now.

Well i'm back now and it's like what i imagine trying to walk again is like. Baby steps.

I've been doing some general sketching, bits and pieces here and there and some digital stuff. Main thing was that i went and did another life drawing course. They're always useful anyway but that was my first step and it has greatly helped because it showed me that the dormant skill  (that thankfully didn't disappear) is still there and is just a little reluctant to surface. Once i get my drawings scanned i'll post em up.

My other venture was designing for t-shirts. I've always wanted to give it a go and had an old design up on redbubble as an experiment but i never really truly committed but now its time for round two.

I've also really wanted to try screen printing so that's in the pipeline (got the screen and everything just sitting here looking at me).

But first you need a design, right? So here's my progress on this ram horns skull design. I have no idea if this will be too detailed to print through the screen and end up blotching, which is my suspicion but either way i can make it look awesome digitally for redbubble if it fails to screen print.